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Magnus Meyer Arnesen Igor Devold

Devold and Meyer Arnesen are educated at the Polish National Filmshool. Their films have been screened at over 70 festivals all over the world, winning several awards.

Meyer Arnesen has won 16 international awards the last years for his films and was also nominated for the Norwegian Amanda award. In September 2018 his first feature film, As I Fall premiered in cinemas in Norway. The film has received great reviews and will start its festival life around the world from November. Meyer Arnesen is currently developing his second feature film.

Igor Devolds film ”The accidental rock star” won Amanda for editing and two Kanon-awards at the Trondheim International film festival (audience-award for best Norwegian film 2015 and best sound). Devold´s films have also been awarded Timeglasset and two honourable mentions at the Norwegian short film festival in Grimstad. In 2017 he was nominated to Prix Europa for the documentary about the Norwegian journalist Thea Steen.

Når jeg faller
Cinema release in Norway
DIRECTOR : Magnus Meyer Arnesen
PRODUCER : Magnus Kristiansen and Gyda Velvin Myklebust (for the Norwegian film school)
Follows the unconventional relationship between a father and son as they cling to one another under the looming threat of addiction and separation.

Closing film of the Norwegian film festival in Haugesund 2018.
Den tilfeldige rockestjernen
Cinema release in Norway
DIRECTOR : Igor Devold
PRODUCER : Ingvil Giske
CO-PRODUCER : Igor Devold
Feature documentary about Norwegian gypsy- indie-rockers Kaizers Orchestra.

Cinema release in Norway AWARDS: Amanda - best editing
Kanonprisen - best sound and
Best Norwegian film 2015 - Audience award.
Festival screenings and BBC
DIRECTOR : Rama Mari
CO-PRODUCER : Igor Devold
In a land dotted with killing machines they find an easy cover-up for their crime. And even when the truth starts to find its way out, fate will swiftly play a game so common for this land.

AWARDS: Nominated Muhr Arab Awards
Nominated Warsaw International
Film Festival – short grand prix
The Sunbird Award - Best Palestinian short film 2016,
Days of Cinema

Festival and TV screenings
DIRECTOR : Maria Lloyd
CO-PRODUCER : Igor Devold
When you shatter your fantasies, the pain may be crippling or transformative. You will want to go back to the fantasies because you will never be sure whether you have really broken free. The film mixes stop frame animation with dance, puppetry and live action. It is filmed in the amazing underworld of Wieliczka salt mines outside Krakow in Poland, and in Scottish sand dunes.

Screenings: Short film corner Cannes. New Horizons, Poland.
Television screenings: NRK2, YLE, SVT2, BBC
Langt fra borte
Festival screenings
DIRECTOR : Magnus Meyer Arnesen
PRODUCER : Camilla Vanebo
Festival screenings
DIRECTOR : Igor Devold
PRODUCER : Marta Habior
Sing me to sleep
DIRECTOR : Magnus Meyer Arnesen
Robert, a 45 year old postal worker lives at home with his sick mother. Wanting to fulfill his mothers last wish, Robert goes on a desperate search to find a girlfriend...Or at least someone who will pretend to be. AWARDS
  • GRAND PRIX, Best student film festival; KLAPS 2012, Poland
  • BEST FILM, Brest European Short Film Festival, France
  • YOUTH JURY PRIZE, Brest European Short Film Festival, France
  • SPECIAL JURY MENTION, 17th International Film Festival in Drama, Greece
  • HONORABLE MENTION, Ourense International Film Festival, Spain
  • 3. PRIZE FOR BEST SHORTFILM, Gdynia Film Festival, Poland
  • GRAND PRIX, Estoril Film Festival, Portugal
  • 2. PRIZE FOR BEST SHORTFILM, Lodzia po Wisle, Poland
  • BEST SCRIPT, Skena Up International Film Festival, Kosovo
  • GRAND JURY PRIZE, Ivy Film Festival, USA
  • SPECIAL JURY PRIZE, Youth and film festival, Poland
  • HONORABLE MENTION, Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran
  • HONORABLE MENTION, Angelus Film Festival, USA
  • BEST SCRIPT, ING Polska, Poland
  • AWDIENCE AWARD, Lodzia po Wisle, Lodz filmschool festival Warsaw, Poland